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Instead of telling you a bunch of over-the-top marketing spiel on what sets Cultured Coffee Co. apart from the other coffee shops around I have decided to tell you why I purchased the company in 2015. Heath Hamlin (Hamlin Coffee Company) started Cultured Coffee Co in 2013 to bring downtown Canton GMO free, fair trade coffee. I didn’t really know what all of that meant back then but it was important to him. Actually, let me take that back, I had heard of those terms but I didn’t realize how important they actually were to the coffee industry. As I went there daily for my morning coffee Heath would be spouting off about non-GMO hoopla, organic whatever, and fair trade this-n-that. It was like OK dude, we get it, we get it. He was passionate and I respected that. Focussed passion is rare these days. As life would have it, Heath put his business up for sale in late 2015 and called me to see if I would buy it from him. I wanted to inspect a little further before I jumped into this whole coffee game.

Processed with VSCOcam with n3 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with n3 preset
I traveled out to Pittsburgh to meet the main coffee distributer, who also happens to own a small chain of independent coffee houses in Pennsylvania. After a week long crash course on where their coffee comes from, how it is roasted, and most importantly how it was tested, I was hooked. These guys are renegades of the coffee industry and are passionate about their ideals. There beans from fair trade farms are shipped in from all over the world and roasted on the spot. And every Friday beans are taste tested in a variety of different coffee making systems. Percolators, Mr. Coffee Pots, Pour Throughs, you name it and they’ll test the coffee in it. They want to give you the best possible experience with their beans. The passion for quality and fairness is what sold me. Again, I was hooked. And more importantly I too became passionate about quality coffee.

Back in Canton I like to know we are giving out a quality product. This isn’t a gas station coffee you are getting. And our trained baristas care about your morning joe. Let’s face it a good cup of coffee can make your day. A bad cup of coffee can break your day. It’s our reason to get out of bed, our 20 minutes of delight in the morning, our cup of “hey today is going to be great!”, our sanctuary…It’s coffee and I love it, you love it, we love it.

It’s OUR coffee.

– Mike Nasvadi

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