Our Waffles

The year was 1725. I know, old school, right? And according to our shoddy research on Ancestry.com there was a guy, in Belgium at that time, who made one of the first waffles ever. His was “Zé Besté” according to our unsober fact checkers. He was known for his trademark monocle and big beautiful mustache. Nobody knew this man’s name so they called him Mr. Mustache. We’re not even sure if names existed back then. I would imagine there was a lot of nicknames and finger pointing. I think black & white TV was around though.

Let me get on with this story… Mr. Mustache was known to make bomb-ass coffee, and these one-of-a-kind sweet, tasty waffles. By the way, nobody used the word “bomb-ass” back then because, well, you know, it was like a thing. With his wonderful waffles he pretty much bartered his way into owning half of Belgium. The country thrived. With waffles at the forefront of everyone’s brains the entire country was just a happier place. Birthrates went up. Grass was greener. Puppies were invented. And then one day in an attempt to avoid the overpowering fame of his trademark recipe Mr. Mustache disappeared. Gone, without a trace. One note was left on his was out that reads “I’ve done my part here, eat my waffles, be a happier person.” However, the myth of Mr. Mustache lived on. Children aspired to be him. Ladies wanted in on his small waffle fortune. And men would be jealous when their wives would make them feel inadequate in their waffle making skills. You know, a girl can get serious about her waffles. Truth.

Somewhere in those hills Mr. Mustache lived never to be heard from again.

Until now.

After a three year backpacking excursion from Canton to Belgium, we have uncovered what is known to be Mr. Mustache’s trademark waffle recipe. It’s a lot to go into here but we had to pull off some serious Indiana Jones style juke moves, man. Through science we have been able to recreate his 18th century recipe. I said science. These are science waffles. You are eating science. The sweet, crispy, flaky waffles are a delightful treat and are now in downtown Canton, Ohio. We’ve brought them here for you and we’re a little nervous. We know the waffles are on point, that’s not even a discussion, but we’re seriously concerned about upping the birthrate in Canton. That’s doesn’t need to happen right now. Everyone needs to settle down. Just eat and take a cold shower.

We’re only talking waffles here.

Oh yeah, feel free to order online here: http://www.culturedcoffeeco.com/menu