What Is Pour Over? Secrets of Breaking Good Drip Coffee

The taste of coffee is largely determined by the correct brewing method. Therefore, when it comes to Pour-over coffee, people often think of the rich and passionate taste of the meticulously prepared premium coffee. Let’s learn with Cultured CoffeeCo how to Make Pour Over coffee to be successful the first time!

What to prepare when making Pour over coffee?

In fact, making Pour over coffee is not too difficult, you just need to understand the basic steps and follow the correct process to be able to enjoy the original coffee flavor in the famous Pour-over brewing method.

Preparing instruments

Pour over coffee

To be able to make Pour over coffee, you need a number of tools:

  • Coffee grinder
  • Electronic scales
  • Coffee pot
  • Electronic thermometer
  • Funnel
  • Filter paper
  • Coffee pot.
  • Arabica coffee beans

Tool characteristics

  • You can use hand-held coffee grinders or electric grinders.
  • The kettle can be optional but look for products that can be adjusted easily.
  • You can choose between glass or Hario porcelain.
  • Should choose a line of coffee pots from glass material to keep the coffee flavor to the fullest.
  • Finally, indispensable in the standard way of making Pour over coffee is 100% clean Arabica coffee products.

Steps to make Pour over coffee

Pour over coffee

As soon as we have all the ingredients and tools ready, we can proceed with the Pour Over method right away.

With a ratio of 1 coffee: 15 water is considered the most ideal for you to get the perfect cup of real delicious coffee.

Step 1: Weigh and grind the coffee

Weigh 20g of coffee into the grinder. Should grind coffee at a medium level because if the ground too fine, the cup of coffee will be bitter, a coarse grind of coffee will be sour.

Step 2: Rinse the example, wet the paper

Place the filter funnel on the coffee pot.

Place the filter paper in the filter funnel.

Use hot water to rinse the tool and filter paper. This step helps to deodorize the filter paper and clean the brewing equipment.

Step 3: Put coffee into filter paper and brew coffee

Put 20g of coffee into the filter funnel.

Pour 60ml of water over coffee to brew coffee within 30 seconds.

Step 4: Pour water to make coffee

After brewing the coffee, continue to pour the remaining 240ml onto the coffee.

Pour slowly clockwise.

Total brewing time from the first pour is about 2:30 s. If it is too fast, the coffee will be pale and sour. Pouring water too slowly will make the coffee bitter.

The result of making Pour over coffee is a delicious cup of coffee. You can completely apply this recipe to make coffee at home or apply it in the preparation to serve diners coming to your cafe.

Tips for making delicious Pour over coffee

In order to have a standard Pour-over coffee recipe, a few notes below are extremely important and necessary that you should definitely pay attention to.

A water temperature of about 94 degrees Celsius is the standard for coffee to bloom and get the best extraction.

The amount of brewing water should always remain between 20 and 25% of the total amount of water you brew. This means that with 20 grams: 300ml of water, the usual amount of brewing water will be 60ml

During the pouring process, it is necessary to maintain a steady pouring speed so that the coffee can be extracted at its best.

With the method of pouring Pour over coffee that we suggest above, we believe that when applied, you will immediately have cups of coffee prepared in a delicious and standard way. Good luck!

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