Best Kona Coffee Brands In 2021 Our Top Picks

The best Kona coffee is expanded in the Northern and Southern Kona districts of the Big Island of Hawaii. It’s an unusual, extremely premium coffee that’s highly searched for by coffee aficionados all over the globe.

Hawaii’s sunny, moderate climate incorporated with its mineral-rich, volcanic soil produce the perfect conditions for growing this crisp, aromatic, and also wonderful sampling Hawaiian coffee.

Best Kona Coffee Brand

Kona coffee has a much more distinctive taste than various other sorts of coffee. It generally contains notes of sweet taste and also fruitiness like molasses, orange, and blackberry.

If you have actually experimented with lots of various roasts of coffee beans from Arabica to espresso, your tastebuds will most likely enjoy pure Kona coffee beans. Emphasis on the word “pure.” It takes an entire coffee tree to produce approximately 2 extra pounds.

How to Choose the most effective Kona Coffee Without Obtaining Ripped Off

Here are some ideas on picking premium quality 100% Kona coffee without obtaining scammed.

What is Kona Coffee?

Kona coffee is gathered from the Kona district of Hawaii’s greatest island.

The weather condition there is very beneficial for coffee growing; if you seek out photos, it resembles something off a postcard. Capitals are vibrantly environment-friendly with soft grasses and dark dirt. The land gets an equal quantity of sunlight and rain, so it’s never as well hot and never too completely dry.

There are blue skies for the majority of the week, yet the sun moves aside for light, refreshing showers every couple of days.

If that wasn’t enough, numerous coffee ranches are likewise located on the slopes of volcanoes like Hualalai and also Mauna Loa. The beans are expanded in dark, fertile dirt that’s packed with minerals as well as enriched by the earth as well as the shade.

Why Does This Issue?

As you have actually probably presumed, Kona coffee is the actual bargain. It provides high-grade beans expanded in near-perfect conditions to produce rich, tasty roasts. It can obtain costly, particularly if you get 100 percent pure Kona coffee beans, however, it deserves the extra bucks.

Once you’ve attempted Kona coffee, you’ll never be able to choke down Starbucks once again.

Kona Coffee Brands

Where Can I Locate Real Kona Coffee?

Kona coffee isn’t typically offered in grocery stores due to its rarity and pureness. You may be able to discover it from exquisite coffee shops or farmer’s markets, however, you must beware concerning buying it from unknown vendors. You don’t intend to obtain duped.

An additional choice is finding it online. It’s readily available from the most significant online merchants, including They’ll deliver it to your door with a vacuum seal developed to keep it fresh up until you prepare to make it.

What Else Do I Need To Know?

It’s a common method to sell “Kona blends” that are actually something like 10 percent Kona coffee as well as 90 percent Colombian or Brazilian coffee.

To prevent this, seek coffee brands that import their beans straight from Hawaii. Hawaiian law is stringent about what obtains labeled “Kona coffee,” so if a business is obtaining their stuff directly from the source, they’re legitimate.

Sadly, the rest of the world isn’t that devoted to the truthfulness of their labels. Some brands put the Kona name on their coffee also when it includes no Kona beans!

A glaring red flag is if the brand declares to be selling Kona coffee but makes no reference to Hawaii in their item or business summary. If they were marketing real Kona coffee, they would certainly be keen to confirm it.

An additional thing to look out for is a brand name speaking about “Hawaiian flavors” without pointing out the Kona district.

Many parts of Hawaii aren’t suitable for expanding coffee in any way; they’re as well hot or also damp. Some brands attempt to offer coffee from these lesser regions and also pass it off as Kona coffee by conjuring up “the preference of Hawaii.”

Why Are Kona Beans Famous?

It takes numerous small miracles integrating for a premium coffee to develop the flavor profile found in the best Kona coffee beans.

In particular problems, the coffee plant concentrates its power on producing quality seeds to preserve the species. At this developmental phase, the acids and also sugars of the beans have even more time to develop.

Kona is among the few beginnings on the planet where all the above, plus volcanic soil, high farming requirements, and also coffee pleasant regional laws, integrate to make it a special area.

It does not stop there.

The harvested beans are arranged (from the majority of costs to cheapest quality) as Kind I (highest grade), Kind II, and also Kind III, relying on factors that affect top quality.

Here are more classifications of each kind:

KIND I: Kone Bonus Fancy, Kona Fancy, Kona Number 1, Kona Select, Kona Prime.

KIND II: Peaberry Number 1, Peaberry Prime.

KIND III, also known as Triple X.

Doesn’t Kind I have amazing classification names? It’s additionally essential to mention that Kind III also known as Triple X isn’t even recognized as Kona coffee. This is due to a high bar for Hawaiian quality standards!

That’s as outrageous as it is great for their coffee society.

You might have discovered Type II also.

In case you’re wondering what “Peaberry” means, it’s a great type of mutation.

What happens is that instead of the coffee cherry creating 2 beans inside (this occurs a minimum of 95% of the moment), it ends up creating only 1. The result? More sugars to create per bean and also a better-developed taste account.

This, essentially, is why Kona is well-known.

Where Is Kona Sold?

This is where it obtains complicated.

It’s challenging to resource 100% Kona coffee, which is freshly roasted. Yet, fortunately, it’s a lot easier to acquire Kona Coffee online directly from Hawaiian roasters.

There is a caveat though …

You require to make sure the supplier that isn’t utilizing the “Extra Fancy Kona Beans” as a tag only. By yourself, this will likely take some trial and error, but that’s why we’re below to try and assist you to providers that really roast real Kona Coffee.

Keep away from anything classed as a blend too, if you want to sip on actual roast Kona coffee. We talk about why this is in the direction of the end of this post.

This is additionally why it’s still best to try and also find a method to buy coffee from the island, from the farmers themselves. You obtain genuinely and also top quality coffee beans while fulfilling farmers directly, and also it guarantees you only purchase the freshest roast coffee straight from the brand.

Best Hawaiian Kona Coffee Brands – Our Favorite Picks

Bestseller No. 1
Amazon Brand - 100 Ct. Solimo Medium Roast Coffee Pods, Kona Blend, Compatible with Keurig 2.0 K-Cup Brewers
  • 100 - 10% Kona Blend coffee pods
  • Blend of select coffees from Kona Moku on the Big island of Hawaii and Latin America
  • Delicate body, vibrant acidity and a soft, subtle aroma
  • Mild sweetness with a smooth, balanced finish
  • Compatible with 1.0 and 2.0 k-cup brewers
Bestseller No. 2
Victor Allen Coffee Kona Blend Single Serve K-Cup, 42 Count
  • Includes 42 single serve instant coffee pods for K-Cup Keurig 2.0 Brewers
  • Ultimate freshness in a single serve cup of coffee
  • This is a medium roast 100% Arabica coffee blend
  • Roasted, grinded and produced in the USA
  • Single serve cups compatible with Keurig coffee makers, including Keurig 2.0, patented single serve cup technology
Bestseller No. 3
Caza Trail Coffee, Kona Blend, 100 Single Serve Cups
  • Roasted coffee with sweet, fruity notes and a toasted nut flavor
  • Surf on a wave of flavor with this coffee that pairs well with grilled fish with a squeeze of lemon
  • Convenient for busy mornings or when you need an on-the-go treat
  • Kosher Certified
  • SINGLE-SERVE CUP READY: Compatible with all 1.0 & 2.0 brewers
Bestseller No. 4
Amazon Brand - 100 Ct. Happy Belly Medium Roast Coffee Pods, Kona Blend, Compatible with Keurig 2.0 K-Cup Brewers
  • 100 Kona Coffee Blend coffee k cup pods, packaging may vary
  • Happy Belly coffee pods are filled with coffee carefully sourced from select farms worldwide so each cup tastes uniquely delicious.
  • Settle in with the warming aroma and smooth flavors of delicious coffee at anytime so you can relax with a Happy Belly all day, everyday.
  • Blend of select coffees from Kona Moku on the Big island of Hawaii and Latin America
  • Delicate body, vibrant acidity and a soft, subtle aroma
Bestseller No. 5
Don Francisco's Kona Blend Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee (28 oz Bag)
  • A taste of the Hawaiian Islands—10% Kona coffee blended with premium arabica coffees, an excellent cup of coffee with a delicate floral aroma and subtle fruity notes
  • Every bag of Kona blend contains Kona that is Hawaiian state-certified Kona coffee. 100% Arabica coffee
  • Our Direct Impact Initiative influences every business decision we make so that we can preserve natural resources and our environment for future generations of our family and yours
  • Four Generations Strong: Our Family'S Expertise Extends More Than 140 Years And Is Headquartered Outside Of Los Angeles In The City Of Vernon.
  • Blended, roasted and packed in the U.S.A.
SaleBestseller No. 6
Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Co. Kona Classic Ground Coffee, Medium Roast, 10 ounce bag
  • HAWAII'S FINEST KONA BLEND - One of The Top Selling Kona Blend Brands in the United States. Found in Military Commassaries World-Wide, Cost Plus World Market, Safeway, Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, CVS, Walgreens, Don Quijote, ABC Stores, Raleys, Bel-Air, Nob-Hill, Haggens, HEB, United Supermarkets, and More!
  • TASTE THE WARMTH OF ALOHA - Enjoy The Smooth and Unique Taste of Coffee From Hawaii That Will Leave You Never Wanting Another Bitter Cup of Coffee Ever Again!
  • MADE FRESH IN HAWAII DAILY - Every Bean is Roasted and Packaged Right Here at Our Facility on Oahu, Hawaii Right Near Pearl Harbor In the Heart of Oahu!
  • FAMILY OWNED - 2nd Generation Locally Owned Family Coffee Roaster in Hawaii. No Multinational Parent Company, Just a Bunch of Locals Trying To Share Some Aloha to The World!
Bestseller No. 7
Don Francisco's Kona Blend Medium Roast Coffee Pods - 24 Count - Recyclable Single-Serve Coffee Pods, Compatible with your K-Cup Keurig Coffee Maker (Including 2.0)
  • Balanced, mellow, floral aroma: 10% Kona coffee blended with premium Arabica beans, an excellent cup of coffee with a delicate floral aroma and subtle fruity notes.
  • Quality in every cup: Feel good about putting our 100% Arabica coffee into your coffee maker, knowing it’s blended, roasted and packed right here in the US.
  • Our family reserve, served in pods: Taste the storied quality and flavor of Don Francisco’s Family Reserve within the modern convenience of single serve coffee pods. Compatible with your K-Cup Keurig Coffee Maker (including 2.2
  • Sustainably Minded. Coffee Driven: Don Francisco’s Coffee is committed to providing premium coffee with a greener footprint promoting sustainable practices.
  • Family crafted coffee since 1870: Inspired by four generations of expertise, we’ve carried on the legacy of sourcing the world’s best coffee beans and roasting them to perfection.
Bestseller No. 8
Don Francisco's Ground Kona Blend, Medium Roast Coffee (28 oz Bag)
  • A taste of the Hawaiian Islands—10% Kona coffee blended with premium arabica coffees, an excellent cup of coffee with a delicate floral aroma and subtle fruity notes
  • Every bag of Kona blend contains Kona that is Hawaiian state-certified Kona coffee. 100% Arabica coffee
  • Our Direct Impact Initiative influences every business decision we make so that we can preserve natural resources and our environment for future generations of our family and yours
  • Four generations strong: our family's expertise extends more than 140 years and is headquartered outside of Los Angeles in the city of Vernon.
  • Blended, roasted and packed in the U.S.A.
Bestseller No. 9
1LB. 100% Hawaii Hawaiian Kona Roasted Coffee Beans
  • 100% Hawaiian Kona Extra Fancy - NOT A BLEND
  • Extra Fancy Grade
  • City Roast (Deep Brown)
  • 1lb - Whole Beans
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
SaleBestseller No. 10
Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Co. Kona Chocolate Macadamia Nut Ground Coffee, Medium Roast, 10 ounce bag
  • HAWAII'S FINEST KONA BLEND - One of The Top Selling Kona Blend Brands in the United States. Found in Military Commassaries World-Wide, Cost Plus World Market, Safeway, Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, CVS, Walgreens, Don Quijote, ABC Stores, Raleys, Bel-Air, Nob-Hill, Haggens, HEB, United Supermarkets, and More!
  • TASTE THE WARMTH OF ALOHA - Enjoy The Smooth and Unique Taste of Coffee From Hawaii That Will Leave You Never Wanting Another Bitter Cup of Coffee Ever Again!
  • MADE FRESH IN HAWAII DAILY - Every Bean is Roasted and Packaged Right Here at Our Facility on Oahu, Hawaii Right Near Pearl Harbor In the Heart of Oahu!
  • FAMILY OWNED - 2nd Generation Locally Owned Family Coffee Roaster in Hawaii. No Multinational Parent Company, Just a Bunch of Locals Trying To Share Some Aloha to The World!

We’ve developed the value of Kona coffee and spoke about where to find it. Currently, it’s time for me to get enthusiastic about my preferred brands!

I need to disclaim today that these aren’t the only worthwhile Kona coffee brands out there. They’re simply my personal favorites. Whether for taste, roast, aroma, or cost, they’re the Kona coffee brands that I keep returning to repeatedly.

Let’s start!

1. Kona Coffee from Koa Coffee- Medium Roast

Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Co. Kona Classic Ground Coffee, Medium Roast, 10 ounce bag
  • HAWAII'S FINEST KONA BLEND - One of The Top Selling Kona Blend Brands in the United States. Found in Military Commassaries World-Wide, Cost Plus World Market, Safeway, Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, CVS, Walgreens, Don Quijote, ABC Stores, Raleys, Bel-Air, Nob-Hill, Haggens, HEB, United Supermarkets, and More!
  • TASTE THE WARMTH OF ALOHA - Enjoy The Smooth and Unique Taste of Coffee From Hawaii That Will Leave You Never Wanting Another Bitter Cup of Coffee Ever Again!
  • MADE FRESH IN HAWAII DAILY - Every Bean is Roasted and Packaged Right Here at Our Facility on Oahu, Hawaii Right Near Pearl Harbor In the Heart of Oahu!
  • FAMILY OWNED - 2nd Generation Locally Owned Family Coffee Roaster in Hawaii. No Multinational Parent Company, Just a Bunch of Locals Trying To Share Some Aloha to The World!

The Track comes with three different sample bags:

Grande Domaine

Exclusive Reserve


While each of these samplers has authentic, Hawaiian-grown Kona coffee beans, they were harvested in different locations as well as have discreetly various bodies and also preferences.

As an example, the “estate” pack coffee beans were expanded on a personal estate nestled on the Mauna Loa volcano. They weren’t ordered from the wild; they were thoroughly cultivated, sorted as well as carefully picked to go into your bag. It’s a sign of devotion as well as excellence from Koa Coffee.

The Tripack is additionally a great way to example three of the most popular tastes that Koa Coffee has to offer.

Koa Coffee is recognized for both its richness as well as its level of smoothness, so you will not be let down by experiencing its tastes in triplicate.

The one drawback of the Tripack is that it comes with a hefty price tag. You need to spend the advantage of ordering numerous bags of genuine Kona coffee beans.

The bright side is that it’s worth it! I enjoy these beans, and I have actually converted lots of buddies to the marvels of Koa Coffee with their example packs. This one is a tool roast tripack, however, they have one for dark roasts also.

What’s an all-time low Line?

If you’re willing to splurge a little on a real coffee reward, the Koa Coffee Tripack will certainly verify to you why it originates from a prominent as well as a prize-winning brand name.


  • Three various bags of coffee beans
  • Prize-winning brand name
  • No quality compromises with “blends” or “mixes”.


  • Pricey.

2. Volcanica Coffee – Hawaiian Kona Coffee.

Volcanica Sumatra Mandheling Reserve Coffee, Dark Roasted, Whole Bean, Fair Trade, 16-ounce
  • Sumatra Coffee is known for its smooth chocolate flavor with earthy undertones.
  • Among the world's finest coffees displaying rich flavor, extraordinary full body and distinctively vibrant, low-key acidity.
  • Fair Trade Certified, Rain Forest Alliance and Certified Shade Grown.
  • Dark Roast, Whole Beans, Fresh roasted then immediately packed and sealed to assure freshness.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Volcanica focuses on coffee beans that have actually been expanded at altitudes of 3,000 to 7,000 meters and in volcanic soil– so it just makes good sense to see them marketing this bean. Their Hawaiian Kona Coffee Additional Fancy is an additional solid medium roast. Their offering has a slightly fuller body than Keala’s, giving a rich yet mellow taste low in acidity.

Volcanica’s Kona is shade-grown, adding to its mellow, easy-drinking flavor profile. These beans are really taking advantage of their one-of-a-kind microclimate.

Like many coffees on this list, the Volcanica beans have also gotten the sought-after Bonus Fancy quality. With a fuller body, they will certainly please those coffee lovers that such as an abundant flavor however additionally enjoy smooth mixtures reduced in the level of acidity.

In addition to whole beans, Volcanica additionally markets these beans ready-ground according to your preferences, which is a plus if you don’t like house grinding. The beans are just roasted after being acquired, so you can be sure they are as fresh as feasible.

What’s an all-time low Line?

Volcanica Coffee is reproduced to excellence. You can in fact taste the mountains when you prepare your morning cup of joe!


  • Smooth and smooth roast.
  • ” Additional fancy” quality.
  • Readily available as both entire beans as well as premises.


  • Expensive.
  • Low acidity.

3. Hawaii Coffee Firm – Royal Kona Estate Kona Coffee.

Royal Kona Whole Bean Coffee, 100% Kona, 7-Ounce Bag
  • PRIVATE RESERVE KONA: Our medium roast private reserve 100% Kona ground coffee makes a delicious cup with a smooth, full bodied flavor.
  • ALOHA FROM HAWAII: Royal Kona Coffee features 100% pure Kona coffee milled at our facility in Captain Cook in the Kona region on Hawaii's Big Island, right in the heart of the growing region of one of the world's most famous coffees.
  • TASTE OF HAWAII: This exquisite private reserve coffee is always fresh and offered to you by the largest roaster of Kona Coffee in the world, Hawaii's leading supplier of coffee to the Island's hotels, restaurants, and retail stores.
  • ONLY THE BEST: Each premium Kona bean is selected from the best of the Kona harvests and then expertly roasted to produce a gourmet cup of Kona coffee.
  • SINCE 1969: We've been roasting premium 100% Kona and 10% Kona blend coffee since 1969. Every bag of our Kona is fresh and packed with delightful, authentic flavor.

The tagline for this brand is “coffee for royalty,” and it’s tough to argue with that assessment after you have actually taken your first sip.

Royal Kona Estate is a tool roast that tastes more like a light roast.

It’s clear and also revitalizing, and it consists of no resentment whatsoever. There’s no acid. There’s no tang on the roof of your mouth. If you don’t like your coffee to have an undesirable aftertaste, this is the brand for you.

When it comes to its tastes, Royal Kona Estate is a little bit fruity as well as a bit natural. This is most likely because it’s harvested on an exclusive estate in the hills of Hawaii.

It’s one more brand that can flaunt concerning its “extra fancy” quality as well as authentic Arabica beans that come directly from the Kona area.

The most amazing thing about Royal Kona Estate, nonetheless, is that its representatives just roast the beans after you’ve placed your order.

They’re shipped to you with optimum quality secured the bag. It’s the closest that you’re going to get to basing on the yard of Hualalai as well as picking the beans on your own.

What’s the Bottom Line?

If you’re tired of dry, stagnant beans, attempt the Royal Kona Estate. It certainly measures up to its name by supplying a rich and also regal experience!


  • Brighter taste profile than the others on this checklist, excellent if you like light roasts.
  • Toasted to order.


  • If you like smoother, richer tastes, this might not have sufficient body.

4. Keala’s Hawaiian Coffee (100% Kona).

Bean Box - Freshly Roasted Coffee Subscription: All Roasts
  • Better Mornings, Delivered Fresh
  • 12 ounces of gourmet coffee each month
  • Seattle and Portland's top-rated roasters
  • Freshness guaranteed
  • Tasting notes & brewing tips

The solitary ideal thing about Keala’s Hawaiian Coffee is that it’s 100 percent real Kona coffee.

This smoothly-blended coffee is simply what you require to get yourself entering the early morning. It’s a tool roast, so it isn’t also overwhelming, yet it has a nice body that feels like silk all the way down.

The taste account of Keala’s Hawaiian Coffee is intense and also wonderful. Many people report tasting fruity notes like coconut and passion fruit, but I’ve also discovered a toasted ache that premises it as well as offers it depth.

There’s a very little level of acidity. This is great for people who are prone to stomach problems like heartburn and acid reflux; it won’t be bitter adequate to trigger any kind of undesirable signs and symptoms.

On the other hand, people who like their coffee to have a little bit of a kick might be let down by the mellowness of Keala’s Hawaiian Coffee. Everything depends on your viewpoint.

It’s collected from the slopes of Holualoa and also baked in Seattle, and it isn’t mixed with any other type of bean. It even has the coffee quality of “extra fancy,” which appears comprised but is a real manner in which coffee is reviewed as well as determined. When it’s “added fancy,” it just comes from the top 20 percent of coffee cherries.

All points thought about, you can do a whole lot even worse than Keala’s Hawaiian Coffee. It’s authentic; it’s nice as well as balanced; it has a light, enjoyable flavors. What much more could you want in a mug of coffee?

What’s the Bottom Line?

If you have actually never experienced the joy of Kona coffee, try Keala’s Hawaiian Coffee. It’s an exceptional introduction to your brand-new preferred coffee beverage.


  • Imported straight from the Hawaiian coastline.
  • Excellent price.
  • Smooth medium blend.


  • Does not have acidity.

5. Mountain Rumbling 100% Kona Coffee Espresso Roast Premises.

100% Kona Coffee Espresso Roast - 1 Pound Premium Gourmet Ground by Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation
  • 100% PURE KONA COFFEE: Our Espresso Roast Kona Coffee is a rich dark roast with low acidity, which creates a slightly bitter taste profile, and features luxurious chocolate overtones with an ultra smooth aftertaste
  • A TASTE OF HAWAII IN EVERY CUP: All of our beans are proudly grown, picked, and roasted in the world-famous Kona District on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii - our 50th state
  • ALWAYS ROASTED IN SMALL BATCHES: Our beans are carefully hand picked and slow roasted in small batches by our expert Roastmaster to ensure consistent high quality and maximum freshness
  • DELICIOUS HOT OR COLD: Perfect for classic coffee drinks such as espressos, mochas, macchiatos, lattes, cappuccinos, Americanos and Cubanos, our highly-experienced Roastmaster brings out the best in each coffee bean
  • ALWAYS SHIPPED FRESH: Freshly roasted beans are sealed quickly in specially-designed coffee bags and shipped within a few days of roasting

Hill Rumbling is a premium Kona that’s cost-effectively priced. It’s additionally long-lasting considering that you obtain almost twice the quantity of the typical 7-ounce dimension.

If you’re wanting to put your coffee machine to good usage, Hill Thunder Kona Espresso beans are an excellent selection. Each bag contains 1 extra pound of Hill Thunder’s darkest roast of pure Kona coffee. Thankfully, these are pre-ground for you. Coffee beans have been recognized to clog coffee grinders due to their oiliness.

Of the many Konas we have actually seen, 7 ounces is the smallest dimension. It’s likewise one of the most common. Enthusiastic coffee enthusiasts recognize just how rapidly a 7-ounce bag of coffee goes.

The Good News Is, Mountain Thunder uses their espresso roast at a massive 1 pound per bag. It is a longer long-lasting choice while still economical.

Key Information.

This company takes quality very seriously. All coffee beans are hand-picked and afterward baked in small batches. The strategy of small-batch roasting makes sure top quality and also consistency in every batch.

Their packaging is one more procedure they require to ensure top quality. First, each bag is flushed with nitrogen and then vacuum sealed for maximum quality.

After that, the coffee is shipped out within a few days of roasting. Some coffee machines wait weeks or months after roasting, creating coffee that’s visibly less fresh.

The only downside might be the lack of convenience due to the coffee beans being ground in advance. Different brewing techniques require a finer or coarser work dimension. With these grounds, you have no control over their coarseness.


  • Suitable with coffee machines.
  • Has 1 pound per bag.
  • Small-batch roasted for uniformity.


  • No control over the coarseness of grounds.
  • Not as functional.

6. 2LB Mayorga Organics Café Cubano Roast.

2LB Mayorga Organics Café Cubano Roast, Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee, Specialty-Grade, USDA Organic, Non-GMO Verified, Direct Trade, Kosher, 100% Arabica Beans
  • MAYORGA ORGANICS CAFÉ CUBANO ROAST is a cuban-style dark roast profile Mayorga has perfected, with hints of vanilla and sweet, syrupy smokiness, with a smooth, and bold finish with low acidity.
  • IN THIS UNIQUE BLEND: Our Roastmaster craft roasts our coffees from Peru, Honduras and/or Nicaragua, and gives our Café Cubano Roast a unique signature flavor profile, making this cuban-style roast a Mayorga favorite.
  • SUSTAINABLY SOURCED from quality-inspected, certified organic small farmers and cooperatives throughout Latin America. USDA Organic, Non-GMO Verified, Kosher, Direct Trade.
  • SLOW-ROASTING PROCESS using our signature Latin, slow-roasting small batch process, we are able to give our Café Cubano Roast a distinct flavor. Our coffees are high-quality, Specialty Grade, 100% Arabica, Shade-Grown. Our coffee is roasted and packaged in the USA.
  • TRY MAYORGA RISK-FREE. Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on any product you have purchased from MAYORGA ORGANICS directly through Amazon. Send us a message through Amazon, and we will refund your order, no questions asked.

Café Cubano Roast is our signature blend. Made with premium, specialty grade coffee, we use our signature Latin style slow-roasting process to provide a distinctly bold cup, with a sweet flavor, and smooth finish. As a child in Nicaragua, Martin Mayorga spent time at cigar factories with his father interacting with Cuban cigar makers who had fled Castro’s government. He recalled the men playing dominos, talking about their plight upon leaving their home country, and drinking a distinctly dark and syrupy coffee. Later on when the Mayorga family moved to the U.S., Martin was able to appreciate first hand this rich coffee while spending time with Cuban immigrants in Miami.

Sourcing Principles

We build direct, long-term relationships with small farmers and cooperatives that focus on organic, shade-grown, high-quality, specialty coffees.

Our efficient, forward-thinking direct supply chain allows us to support our farmers via access to better financing, cost management, and crop diversification. This ensures you’re getting flavorful, smooth coffee, while paying what is fair to you. It also ensures that farmers are treated equitably and are paid fairly, rewarding them for their hard work.

Our Purpose

We don’t just source and sell artisanal organic products. We exist and operate with the purpose of eliminating systemic poverty in Latin America through the responsible trade of artisanal organic foods.

We have dedicated our lives to creating a sustainable business model that puts farmers first as we believe that healthy farming communities will produce better quality products that ultimately will benefit our valued customers.


In a world of mass automation, we roast all of our coffees manually, batch by batch, using our senses and math to guide us in craft roasting great quality coffee.

We roast on batch roasters at our facilities in Rockville, MD and Miami, FL, both of which are FDA inspected and SQF certified. We focus on roasting using our signature Latin, slow-roasting process that provides our customers the smoothest, most flavorful coffees–always roasting fresh every day.


  • Beans are hand-harvested as well as hand-picked.
  • Additional fancy and also elegant grade.
  • Roasted to buy for optimum quality.


  • The roast may not be a true medium.
  • The taste may be more powerful than anticipated.

7. Hualalai Estate Coffee 100% Kona Coffee Decaf Beans.

100% Kona Coffee - Decaf Medium Dark Roast Blend by Hualalai Estate - 7 oz Premium Whole Bean Kona Coffee
  • KONA 7 oz DECAF COFFEE - Naturally decaffeinated. Water containing the same concentration of Kona Coffee flavor is passed through our 100% Kona Coffee locking in the flavor but eliminating the caffeine.
  • HIGH-QUALITY GREAT TASTE - Our roasting process is premium and high quality. Compare our Hawaiian coffee to any other Hawaiian coffee and notice the remarkable differences in both overall taste and quality of the coffee.
  • NATURAL AND PESTICIDE FREE - We offer Hawaii’s finest quality Hawaiian coffee and is natural and always pesticide free!
  • HUALALAI ESTATE - Started in 1996, we strive to bring our customers the best. Our Hawaiian coffee is significantly better than most other Hawaiian coffees out there because the climate and soil produces a more flavorful coffee. Local, U.S. grown 100 percent Hawaiian Kona Coffee.

Hualalai Estate Coffee is a trusted brand with high-grade, genuine Kona products. That’s why this decaf Kona is among our top picks. Their decaf permits people that avoid caffeine to still take pleasure in the fruity notes of pure Kona.

Each bag contains 7 ounces of normally decaffeinated coffee beans. They’re a medium-dark roast, which is normal for a Kona coffee.

There are several methods to eliminate the high levels of caffeine content from coffee beans. Some of them include undesirable solvents. Nevertheless, Hualalai uses a much more secure and also healthier decaffeination process: the Swiss water approach.

It’s chemical-free as well as leaves the great preference of the coffee beans. Consequently, Hualalai thinks their decaf Kona is the best-tasting decaf around.

Trick Information.

Hualalai is different from various other coffee makers in exactly how their Kona beans are sourced. The firm lies in Hawaii yet they do not farm their very own coffee.

Rather, they source the best Kona beans from local farmers. This sourcing procedure permits them to avoid bad crops, poor seasons, and also various other variables that may produce less-than-perfect coffee beans.

Although they do not expand their very own coffee beans, Hualalai roasts and packages their own beans in Hawaii.

Sourcing from numerous farms can likewise be seen as a downside. Several taste accounts are combined from multi-source beans. It’s truly a matter of individual choice though.


  • Naturally decaffeinated for people that are sensitive to caffeine.
  • Coffee beans are devoid of chemicals through the Swiss Water Decaffeination Approach.
  • Pure Kona beans are in your area resource.


  • Just 7 ounces per bag.
  • Beans come from multiple origins.
  • Decaf might yield various flavors.

8. Kona Java 100% Pure Fancy Hawaiian Medium Roast Premises.

Kona Coffee by Kona Java - 100% Kona Coffee, Not a Blend - Kona Coffee Ground Medium Roast - Grown on Real Hawaii Volcanic Soil and Freshly Roasted - 7 oz. bag
  • 100% Pure Kona Coffee, never a blend
  • Kona Java’s Hawaiian Kona coffee beans are grown in the rich, tropical, volcanic soil that has formed on older lava flows making our coffee a truly unique flavor experience
  • Estate Grade, processed the old fashioned way from harvesting to roasting
  • Ground & Whole Bean, Medium and Dark Roast, 7 oz. and 15 oz.

Kona Java is just one of the minority Kona manufacturers that have had their coffee rated. This brand obtained a Fancy grade which is just one of the greatest classifications. Each bag has 7 ounces of medium roast coffee grounds.

Their Kona is as authentic as it obtains. It’s expanded on volcanic soil in Hawaii for a really special and also one-of-a-kind preference. With the Kona coffee area growing with new suppliers, Kona Java obtained imagination with a way to make themselves attract attention.

Trick Details.

Hawaii is known for its volcanic task. Kona Java is making use of the Hawaiian volcano climate to its benefit. In this exotic microclimate where its beans are expanded, the abundant dirt layered with volcanic ash produces a bolder, richer taste than various other Kona coffees.

From beginning to end, Kona Java’s coffee is made with quality as well as authenticity in mind. They utilize gathering and toasting approaches that are standard to their estate. The only downside may be the 7-ounce bag dimension if you drink a great deal of coffee.


  • Awarded Fancy grade designation.
  • Grown on volcanic soil for a one-of-a-kind flavor.
  • Conventional estate harvesting and toasting approach utilized.


  • Contains just 7 ounces.
  • The ground ahead of time, so not as functional.
  • May contain coffee hulls, which require to be gotten rid of.

BUYING GUIDES:  To Kona Coffee Beans.

In case you wish to search for Kona coffee outside of this listing, here’s a fast guide so you can better comprehend the label on your Kona Coffee.

The very first step is to recognize the Kinds of Kona better. Yet first, to be clear– not every Hawaiian Coffee brand name grows Kona. Yet, every Kona Coffee falls under the area of Hawaii and, extra specifically, the Big Island of Hawaii. All Kona brands roast beans gathered from coffee plants surrounding the Mauna Loa volcano.

Sanitation, color, roasting high quality, the allocation for flaws, sizing, and moisture establishes the categories.

For example, there is a less -10% tolerance for undersized Kona Coffee beans by weight for Additional Fancy, Fancy, as well as Hawaii No. 1. For the remainder, it’s optional.

When it comes to wetness, they permit 9-12% from Additional Fancy to Hawaii No. 3. It after that ends up being 8-13% for Hawaii Natural Prime as well as Hawaii Mixed Natural Prime.

Before I proceed with a fast checklist summary of the Kona Hawaiian coffee, let’s go through imperfections. Hawaiian regulation counts physical flaws as complete as well as partial, based upon an eye test of all Kona beans before toasting. Complete flaws discovered matter as a factor, while partial flaws are 1/5 of a point.

Kona Coffee Top Quality Bands.

Below are the Kona Hawaiian coffee grade categories by law:

EXTRA FANCY– These are the best Kona beans: tidy, consistent in color, of costs roast high quality, but only approximately 8 complete blemishes per 300 grams. Kind I is a dimension 19, while Kind II is a size 13.

ELEGANT– Like Extra Fancy, these are tidy Kona beans, uniform in shade, of excellent roasting top quality, yet up to 12 complete flaws per 300 grams. Type I is a size 18, while Type II is a size 12.

NUMBER 1– Still tidy beans, attire in color, of above-average roasting high quality, yet as much as 18 full blemishes per 300 grams. Kind I is a dimension 16, while Kind II is a dimension 10. This is the last of the top-tier Kona beans.

HAWAII SELECT– The first significant policy for this Kona band is that “there must be no undesirable aroma or flavor when made”, which defective beans need to disappear than 5% of the overall weight. It’s the very best of the mid-level Kona beans.

HAWAII PRIME– It has the same clean fragrance as well as flavor guidelines with Kona Select beans. This band enables defective coffee beans as much as 20% of the overall weight. This is no Extra Fancy, yet it isn’t just your “costs” grocery option coffee either.

HAWAII NO. 3– Beans still with a clean aroma as well as taste rule, however with a somewhat greater defectives allowance.

HAWAII NATURAL PRIME– While there aren’t any type of rigorous requirements for these beans in regards to shade, toasting quality, and also dimension, issues are only permissible for approximately 20% of the weight. Limitations are in location to shield the name of Hawaiian coffee.

HAWAII MIXED NATURAL PRIME– This is the lowest high-quality Kona coffee. Exact very same rate as All-natural Prime, although this tends to be more of a coffee mix.

Kona Sector Scammers.

” Are Kona blends actual Kona?”.

Hawaiian coffee has a reputation. If you desire the most effective of the country, Kona won’t let you down. However, keep in mind, simply the visibility of the Kona name can make a coffee bean less complicated to offer.

It’s easy to declare to be Additional Fancy Kona, but occasionally the only “elegant” thing about phony sellers is their packaging.

This is why some sellers make use of asserting to be 100% Kona when the beans are really more fitting in the Kona blends category.

So what’s a Kona blend? Well, by Hawaiian legislation, blends are only required to contain a minimum of 10% Kona coffee!

Because of this, it’s finest to steer clear of Kona blends to stay clear of inferior quality beans and also those who include very dark city entire beans thrown into the mix to mask the taste.

Which Kona Coffee Brand Is The Best?

Ideally, you just wish to acquire Kona beans straight from sellers in the area who focus on beans that aren’t only made use of for a mix.

After this entire discussion on Kona, it’s just right to obtain the complete experience of the very best Kona coffee. What much better method to do it than to experience interacting with the people closest to the actual item?

Many pure Kona brands like Koa Coffee likewise have wonderful client service. I’d state it’s nearly in Hawaiian society!

Trying an initial Hawaii coffee that’s sourced straight is the most effective possibility to guarantee your cash mosts likely to the cultivators of the beans first and foremost.

As I have actually repeatedly tried to unmask in this article, you require to comprehend your coffee before drinking it. Kona coffee is no different. If you anticipate it to be much more bitter, the higher up the high-quality ladder you go, you’ll be establishing your self up for frustration with these beans.

The Kona Top Quality Goalpost

Remember that top quality is connected to the complexity as well as the deepness of flavors. It highlights a sweetness and also an equilibrium in your cup of coffee; this uses if you’re developing Kona beans or any other.

” All I require is good beans for great coffee flavor.”

Real and also incorrect.

For instance, Kona peaberry coffee is so good that for baristas like me, they’re extremely difficult to ruin. Nevertheless, that’s likewise because I make with great tools.

So as you go deeper right into your coffee trip, slowly purchase developing tools as well as boost your strategy.


Q: What does Kona coffee taste like?

A: It is understood for having notes of molasses and also wonderful fruits like oranges and berries. Kona coffee is also light and also refreshing. It does not have a really deep taste like coffee. Rather, it has a light body.

The microclimate in Kona, Hawaii is responsible for the pleasurable tastes as well as scents of Kona coffee. The volcanic dirt may also offer it spicy or nutty notes. If you’ve never tried this coffee before, expect it to really feel light in your mouth and have a refreshingly sweet and fruity flavor.

Q: How do you make Kona coffee?

A: You can make it exactly how you would any other sort of coffee. It all depends upon exactly how you brew your coffee. The majority of people use pour-over, so you may favor whole Kona beans or ground Kona. If you make use of a Keurig machine, try the single-serve options.

Q: What is the difference between routine coffee and also Kona coffee?

A: The coffee you see in the local supermarket is nothing like genuine Kona. The primary difference between the two is the beginning. A lot of coffees are expanded in Brazil and Vietnam. The climate as well as soil, which both affect the taste of the coffee beans, are very different in these locations.

Kona, Hawaii has great weather conditions and also abundant volcanic soil where the coffee trees are grown. If you have actually ever tried Kona coffee while going to Hawaii, you recognize the flavor is far from bitter. Kona coffee has a normally pleasurable, pleasant preference, which is why it’s very searched for.

Q: What is Peaberry Kona?

A: Peaberry is a sort of Kona coffee. It’s the outcome of malfunctioning Kona beans. Nonetheless, this flaw produces great-tasting coffee. Peaberry Kona beans remain undamaged, so the taste is slightly various.

It’s a much deeper flavor with notes of flavor. If you assume Kona coffee is unusual, you’ll be amazed to recognize that Peaberry Kona is even rarer. That discusses why Peaberry Kona is thought about as a luxury.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Kona Coffee?

All of the Kona brands on this listing are worth their costs cost however one offering is ahead of the others: the Koa Coffee Tripack, which stands for fantastic worth for three bags of top-class Kona.

If you have actually never attempted Kona before as well as intend to see what all the hassle has to do with, the Tripack is also great for using 3 distinctive types and flavor accounts.

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