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Want to learn about coffee brewing techniques to make a delicious cup of coffee yourself? Are you intending to start a coffee business and want to learn how to make coffee for your shop? You are looking to become a Barista and want to learn about baristas. If so, this article is definitely for you. Here, Bonjour Coffee will introduce more than 15 ways to make coffee to help you have complete information about the methods of making delicious coffee today.

How to make drip coffee

1. Filtered coffee


The way to make coffee filters appeared in the 19th century and is the most popular method in Vietnam today. This method is based on the principle that hot water passes through the coffee powder to produce coffee water.

Coffee is thick, thin, bitter, or bitter, mostly by the hands of people. Besides, the quality of coffee is also extremely important. You should choose pure coffee to ensure your health and give the best taste.

Besides coffee-making techniques, the way of mixing coffee is also a method to produce a cup of coffee that suits customers’ tastes. Depending on customers, coffee connoisseurs, men, women, or teenagers, we have different coffee mixing ratios.

For making small filter coffee, we should prepare about 25g of powdered coffee and 80 -100ml of water. Follow these steps to make coffee:

Steps to make filter coffee

Step 1: Rinse the filter and coffee cup with hot water to create the best contact for the coffee powder before brewing. This is extremely important to determine the deliciousness of a cup of coffee.

Step 2: Put the prepared amount of coffee into the filter. Gently shake the filter to smooth the coffee surface. Use the squeegee with a moderate force, neither too strong nor too light. This step requires the barista to have experienced so that the water can both absorb the coffee powder and not drift too quickly leading to loss of taste.

Step 3: Pour about 20ml of boiled water into the filter, brew the coffee for 2 minutes. Need to pour just enough water so that the coffee blooms evenly and does not overflow.

Step 4: After the coffee has bloomed and absorbed all the water, put about 60-80ml into the filter. Cover the filter and wait for about 3-5 minutes to have the finished coffee.

Note when making filter coffee:

The secret to having a good cup of iced milk coffee is to finish brewing the coffee within 5-7 minutes, from the time you start pouring the water. If the coffee flows too fast (fast brewing time) the coffee will be sour (under). If the water flows too slowly, the coffee will be bitter (over).
Normally coffee drops will fall at a rate of about 1 drop/second. However, for pure coffee, or slightly coarse ground coffee, this speed is a bit faster.

To avoid residue in the coffee cup when drinking, you can place the filter cap under the filter while brewing coffee. After brewing, put the coffee and residue into the filter.

You can add milk, sugar, ice to taste.

Choose an aluminum filter to make the best cup of coffee.

2. Coffee with milk

Coffee with milk

If you want to drink iced milk coffee, put some milk in the glass, waiting for each drop of coffee to drip down. When the coffee is small, stir the coffee, milk and add some ice. Guarantee that you will have a good cup of coffee.

Milk has the effect of reducing the bitterness of coffee, increasing sweetness, creating fat without losing the original flavor of the coffee.

Prepare materials

To make a delicious cup of iced milk coffee, you need to prepare the ingredients according to the following recipe:

  • Pure coffee: 25g (2-3 spoons)
  • Condensed milk: 2-3 teaspoons (1 milk: 1 coffee)
  • Boiling water: 100ml, temperature 93-95 degrees Celsius.
  • Tea filter
  • Coffee cup
  • Spoon
  • Ice

Steps to make milk coffee

Step 1: Rinse the coffee-making tools: filter, cup, cup. This will evenly heat the appliance for a better cup of coffee.

Step 2: Pour condensed milk into the coffee cup. Normally, for each coffee filter, you should add about 2-3 tablespoons of condensed milk. You can adjust the amount of milk according to your taste. (You can also add milk to the coffee after it’s made.)

Step 3: Put the coffee powder into the filter. Shake gently to the flat coffee surface. Place the coffee filter on the coffee cup. Use a compression plate to gently press down the coffee powder. It should be compressed just enough so that the coffee flows slowly without clogging the water.

Step 4: Let the water reduce the temperature to 93-95 degrees Celsius (for 1-2 minutes after boiling), pour the water just above the coffee surface to brew. Note that you need to pour enough water so that the coffee blooms evenly and does not overflow. After about 1-2 minutes, pour water until the filter is almost full and then close the filter lid.

Step 5: Wait about 3-5 minutes for the coffee to finish flowing. Stir together coffee and condensed milk. You can also add milk at this step and stir. Put the milk coffee into the prepared ice cup. So you can enjoy a delicious cup of iced milk coffee made by yourself.

3. How to make delicious Pour over coffee

Pour over coffee

The principle of making coffee is as follows: let boiling water pass through the coffee powder, the coffee grounds are retained on the filter and the coffee water flows down the coffee pot below. The pour-over method of making coffee gives the most full flavor of coffee, and it is often necessary to use Specialty coffee to make it.

  • Prepare
  • Medium fine ground specialty coffee
  • V60 funnel and filter paper
  • Jewelry scales
  • Coffee pot
  • Cup of coffee
  • Mixing

Use boiling water of 90-96 degrees to wash the filter paper, filter V60 to deodorize the paper, and heat the funnel.

Place the coffee pot and V60 filter on the scale.

Weigh 20g of coffee beans, put it in a medium grinder, then put it in the V60 hopper.

Pour 60ml of boiling water 90-96 degrees Celsius into the filter in a clockwise circle. Brew coffee for 30 seconds. Pour the remaining 240ml of boiling water into the filter. Pour slowly, continuously and in circles for 2 minutes.

After 2:00 – 2:30, coffee is ready to enjoy.

Besides Pour over coffee, you can refer to Bonjour Coffee’s way of making Cold Brew coffee.

4. How to make delicious Moka Pot coffee

Moka Pot coffee

Moka Pot is actually a coffee pot with a long history, a bit biased towards pressure brewing. Each Moka Pot can make about 2-3 small cups of coffee. The working principle of Moka Pot is to use hot steam to make coffee. The way to make Moka Pot coffee is a little different from other methods. The first is that you have to cook the coffee directly on the stove, the second is to carefully align the ratio of water and coffee powder.

  • Preparing instruments
  • Coarse ground coffee powder
  • Moka vase
  • Jewelry scales
  • Cup of coffee
  • Mixing

Pour 500ml of water into the bottom flask (the water level is below the tank valve).

Take 25g of coffee powder into the filter cup, place the filter cup in the bottom pot and screw the body of the jar to the bottom of the jar.

Put the pot on the stove, when the water boils, you can open the lid to observe the coffee extraction process.

When the coffee water from the pot below starts to fade and bubbles rise, remove the pot from the stove.

Pour the coffee into a cup and enjoy.

5. How to make delicious Syphon coffee

Syphon coffee

The principle of making coffee with a Syphon coffee maker is relatively simple. The Japanese especially love Syphon coffee, they say: this is the “best” way to make coffee ever.

Although not as modern as other coffee machines, the Syphon pot is mainly used by hand (completely manual operation), but it creates a delicious aroma of the coffee, keeping the original coffee intact.

  • Prepare
  • Coarse ground coffee
  • Siphon bottle
  • Jewelry scales
  • Cup of coffee
  • Mixing

Pour 250ml of water into the bottom of the jar (you can pour hot water into the jar to speed up the process).

Place the filter in the filter funnel.

Gently place the filter flask in the bottom flask, circle tight, and place the Syphon flask on the stand.

Light the alcohol lamp and wait until the water begins to boil, the water will slowly push up the filter.

When the filter is full of water, add 15g of coffee powder and stir gently.

Brew coffee for 60 seconds.

Stir gently and turn off the heat, the coffee slowly drains to the bottom pot.

When the coffee has drained to the bottom of the pot, gently remove the filter, pour the coffee into a cup and enjoy.

6. How to make good AeroPress coffee

AeroPress coffee

The AeroPress coffee machine is also known as a super-speed coffee machine. No coffee maker is as fast and efficient as the AeroPress, which brews coffee in less than 2 minutes. The AeroPress machine has a compact, simple design, suitable for home coffee making.

AeroPress keeps true to the taste of pure coffee. If you are a person who has a habit of drinking coffee every day, buy an AeroPress machine right away. Using AeroPress is extremely simple, guaranteed to bring you the best cups of coffee.

  • Prepare
  • Ground coffee
  • Aeropress filter
  • Jewelry scales
  • Cup of coffee
  • Mixing

Place the piston in the filter body.

Place the AeroPress filter upside down on the scale.

Grind 18g of coffee into the filter body.

Quickly pour 270 ml boiling 92-96 degrees Celsius into the filter body. Stir well and keep the filter from spilling.

Incubate the water and coffee mixture for 30 seconds. Stir well, incubate for another 30 seconds and then stir again.

Place the filter paper in the filter and tighten it.

Turn the Aeropress filter upside down, gently place it on the cup and start pressing to extract the coffee.

Coffee will be ready to enjoy in about 20-30 seconds.

7. How to make delicious French Press coffee

French Press coffee

The operating principle of the French Press coffee maker is similar to the Vietnamese filter. However, the French Press has a sealed design and produces more pressure with the coffee powder. The job has two advantages: One is not to evaporate the coffee; The second is to extract 100% coffee flavor.

  • Prepare
  • Medium ground coffee powder
  • French Press vase
  • Jewelry scales
  • Cup of coffee
  • Mixing

Pour boiling water to brew and heat the flask. Then discard the water and place the flask on the scale.

Grind 30 grams of coffee and put it in the filter.

Pour 500 ml of boiling water at a temperature of 90-94 degrees Celsius into the jar.

Stir in the coffee and boiling water mixture.

Soak the mixture for 4 minutes, then gently stir the surface of the mixture. Use a small spoon to skim off the foam floating on the top of the filter

Place the filter plate in the pot, gently press the filter plate, pushing the coffee powder to the bottom of the pot.

Settle down and enjoy coffee.

8. Espresso coffee

Espresso coffee

The principle of operation of the Espresso machine is to use high-pressure boiling water to spray directly into the pure coffee powder, squeeze all the pure substances in the coffee powder and form a thick solution. Espresso machines have 2 types: 100% automatic machines and mechanical machines.

For automatic machines, you just put the coffee powder into the machine, then select the brew mode and press the start button. Espresso machine works on a 100% automatic principle, does not require humans to do anything. As a result, you will have the delicious coffee you want.

For a mechanical espresso machine, you have to do a lot of work in the process of making coffee. Rather, you have to stand by the machine, at any stage, you have to intervene in that stage.


There are different opinions on a standard quantity for a good cup of coffee. However, according to the majority of coffee baristas, the standard quantification is as follows:

  • Coffee quantity: 7g ± 0.5g
  • Water temperature when flowing out of the machine: 90°C ± 2°C
  • The coffee temperature in the cup: 67°C ± 3°C
  • Time of water flowing through coffee powder: 25 seconds ± 2.5 seconds
  • Viscosity at 45°C: 1.5mPa s
  • Total fat: > 2mg/ml
  • Recommended caffeine content: 40mg/cup
  • Capacity in cup (including crema): 25ml ± 2.5ml.
  • Steps to take

Most coffee machines will have a Portafilter unit. With each Portafilter, you will be able to brew a cup of coffee. The machines have two Portafilters, you can make two cups at the same time. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Remove the Portafilter and press the button to clean the coffee machine. Hot water will clean the machine to help the coffee produced taste pure.

Step 2: Put the coffee into the filter funnel. The amount of coffee in each brew of about 7g ± 0.5g is the most reasonable.

Step 3: Use a tamper to compress the coffee at a moderate level. Do not loosen your hand nor press too tight. The compression process contributes to the density of the coffee cup

Step 4: Put the filter funnel in the old position. Use the cup placed under the machine to take the coffee and press the brew button

Step 5: Coffee begins to flow out of the machine. It will be black at first, then dark brown and when the coffee turns light brown, stop.

9. Americano coffee

Americano coffee

People often call Americano coffee as American coffee. The deep roots of Americano coffee originate from Italy – the home of Espresso coffee. Espresso coffee has a very bitter taste. That’s why Americans have found ways to reduce the bitterness and sourness of Espresso coffee. The only method is to increase the water ratio while making espresso, immediately the sour and bitter taste will be reduced.

Americano coffee has a delicious, attractive taste, almost similar to Espresso coffee. If you enjoy it carefully, you will realize the sweetness of Americano coffee (this is not found in Espresso coffee).

Prepare materials

To make a cup of American coffee, you need to prepare the following tools and ingredients:

Espresso machine: An indispensable item because even if you choose good coffee beans and mix them according to the Vietnamese filter coffee style, you cannot make a cup of Americano coffee.

Coffee beans: Robusta or Arabica. These are the two most popular and famous coffee beans in the world to produce strong coffee cups. The difference between these two types of beans is that Robusta is stronger and contains more caffeine. Meanwhile, Arabica has a more delicate taste, more aroma (aroma). You can also mix these two types of coffee in a reasonable ratio to create your own taste.

Purified water: An indispensable part because Americano coffee is actually adding more water.

White sugar: You can choose diet sugar or not because they do not change the taste of coffee.

Coffee cup: It is recommended to choose a cup with a handle (the type of teacup). This type of cup will be easier to hold when you want to drink hot American coffee.

Steps to make Americano coffee

Step 1: Grind about 8-10g of coffee beans into a fine powder before putting it into the Espresso machine.

Step 2: Put the coffee powder into the porter filter – this is a part of the coffee press that looks like a cup with a handle but is made of metal.

Step 3: Install the porter filter horizontally with the press and screw it to the right to match the coffee machine.

Step 4: Put the coffee cup under the porter filter and then open the switch on the machine to activate the hot water. At this time, the hot water in the machine will flow down the part of the coffee powder that is being pressed under great pressure to create coffee. When the cup is about ⅔ full, stop and you are now holding a cup of Espresso.

Step 5: Create an Americano from Espresso by adding 30 to 70ml of boiling water to an Espresso glass. Adding boiling water depends on the thickness of the American cup you want.

10. Cappuccino


If anyone asks “what is the easiest coffee to drink today”, it is definitely Capuchino coffee. Cappuccino coffee is suitable for both women and men, especially those who love sweets. Not as bitter as black coffee, not as simple as milk coffee, Capuchino is much sweeter and more delicate.

The three main ingredients to create Capuchino coffee are pure coffee powder, milk, and milk foam. In which milk and milk foam have equal proportions. Cappuccino coffee has a sweet taste of milk, a little fat of milk foam, and a little bit of coffee sweetness.

Ingredients for making cappuccino

  • Coffee extracted from an Espresso machine: 30 ml
  • Low-fat, sugar-free fresh milk: 100 ml
  • White sugar: 2 teaspoons
  • 1 porcelain cup with a capacity of about 200 ml
  • Cocoa powder or cinnamon powder

The most important thing to note is that Espresso coffee must be made from pure coffee to create the inherent flavor and characteristic of the cup of coffee.

Steps to take

Step 1: Use a dedicated Espresso machine to make a cup of Espresso coffee.

Step 2: Next is the milk foaming stage. You need to put milk and some milk cream in the milking bowl. The milk is whipped using the built-in faucet with an espresso machine. Attention should be paid to the direction of the milk shaker in the direction of the nozzle, to help the milk easily bubble up and create better, smoother foam.

Step 3: After successfully frothing the milk, pour the milk into the espresso cup. Milk should be poured slowly and maintained at a sufficient speed so that the milk flow can be steady. When white foam rises to the surface of the coffee, stop to start the shaping step.

Step 4: At this point, you let the milk pour cup closer to the coffee cup, gently pour the milk foam in the desired shape. The art on the Capuchino coffee cup is created from the contrast of the milk foam and the color of the coffee. This shape can be leaf, heart, or other complex shapes.

11. Cafe Latte

Cafe Latte

Latte coffee, also known as milk foam coffee. If you look at it at a glance, you will see that it is identical to a cappuccino. However, when enjoying, you will realize the basic difference between Latte and Capuchino coffee. If in Capuchino coffee, the amount of hot milk and milk foam is equal, in Latte coffee, the percentage of milk foam is reduced by 1/2 of the amount of hot milk. Besides Capuchino coffee, another delicious way of making coffee that is quite similar to Latte is Caffè Macchiato.

Prepare coffee

  • Prepare 8-10g of finely ground coffee powder.
  • After grinding is complete, it should be brewed immediately to avoid coffee’s loss of flavor.
  • Use a compression tamper to compact the coffee.
  • Put the compressed coffee into the machine, start making it to produce 35ml of Espresso coffee.
  • Prepare milk
  • You need to prepare about 250 -300 ml of fresh milk, with no sugar.
  • Beat hot milk with a whisk at a temperature of 65 degrees Celsius for about 10-15 seconds.

Shaping the coffee

Choose a thick porcelain cup, with a capacity of about 300ml.

Pour the espresso into the cup first. Then add the hot milk.

Note to reduce the distance between the milk and coffee cups when it comes to shaping.

The images on the coffee cups can be hearts, leaves, or more complex images.

12. Coffee Mocha

Coffee Mocha

Mocha coffee is a great combination of pure coffee and dark chocolate. A special feature of Mocha coffee is that pure coffee powder must be made in an Espresso style (ie using a 100% automatic Espresso machine or a manual espresso machine), then mixed with chocolate powder according to a certain ratio. To make Mocha coffee more delicious and attractive, people often add a little white milk foam.

Chocolate has the effect of reducing bitterness, increasing the delicious and easy-to-drink taste of pure coffee. The milk foam has a greasy, sweet taste that makes Mocha coffee more attractive.

Prepare materials

  • Once you understand the nature of Mocha, you will surely know what you should prepare in advance.
  • Espresso coffee: Must be brewed by machine and guaranteed to be made from the best coffee beans.
  • UHT milk
  • White or black chocolate sauce is fine
  • Cocoa powder

In addition, a very important part is that you need to fully prepare the following machines:

  • Coffee machine: The type with milk jacuzzi
  • Coffee grinder: In case you already have pre-ground coffee that is qualified for Espresso, you do not need to prepare this step.
  • Milk shaker in case of hot brew or shaker for cold brew
  • Measuring cup (Zic measuring) with ml lines to give the most accurate ratio

The ratio of ingredients:

  • Espresso coffee ranges from 25-30ml
  • Pasteurized fresh milk: Measure correctly 180ml
  • Chocolate liquid (sauce): Exactly 15ml
  • Cocoa powder depends on each person’s preference

The steps are very simple:

Heat a porcelain cup by pouring boiling water inside, let it sit for a while, then pour it out and dry the cup.

Pour the prepared chocolate sauce into the cup.

Take the milk into the mixing bowl and add the pre-mixed Espresso.

Heat the fresh milk to create a foam similar to how to make a latte while waiting for the coffee to flow.

Create a coffee topping by sprinkling some cocoa powder on top.

Pour milk into the coffee and can shape it to your liking.

So you can finish a cup of hot Mocha coffee ready to enjoy. When drinking, you must stir from bottom to top so that the chocolate layer blends with the coffee and milk to have the correct flavor.

13. Cafe Frappuccino

Coffee Mocha

Frappuccino coffee is one of the famous products of Starbucks Corporation, USA. Starbucks has registered the copyright for its products. As such, the way to make Frappuccino coffee is the exclusive intellectual property of Starbucks Corporation. Understand it this way: non-Starbuck coffee shops will never know the recipe for making Frappuccino coffee.

Cafe Frappuccino is storming the world market. Starbucks stores appear unbelievably many. The number of customers coming to them is larger than other brands. This proves that Frappuccino coffee is very delicious and attractive. Only then can we conquer millions of people around the world. Frappuccino coffee comes in many different flavors. It is a combination of pure coffee with ingredients of milk, sugar, cream, eggs, syrup.

Ingredients for preparation

Usually, the drink will consist of 2 main ingredients including caramel sauce and crushed ice. Whereby:

For the sauce, the basic ingredients needed are unsalted butter, refined sugar, vanilla, fresh cream, salt, and Whipping Cream.

For the Frappuccino part – that is, the crushed ice part will need ice cubes, sweetened milk, coffee and caramel sauce.

Steps to take

How to make Frappuccino requires you to be meticulous in every detail to bring the most complete product.

Prepare caramel sauce

First, you need to prepare a pot or a thick base pan. Put on the stove, combine a certain amount of sugar with a little water to create a caramel layer. This stage needs to adjust the fire just right. Use chopsticks to stir constantly to help dissolve the sugar. Avoid using too much heat as it will damage the caramel layer.

When the above mixture starts to turn the color of cockroach wings, you need to turn off the heat and lift the pan or pot down. Keep stirring this mixture continuously.

Next, add the prepared unsalted butter to the caramel mixture. Continue stirring until they are completely dissolved, creating a homogeneous mixture. Then, fresh cream is also added so that the ingredients make up a homogeneous mixture. At this step, you need to be careful because when you add fresh cream, the mixture will create a frothy reaction, which can cause burns.

Finally, add salt and refined sugar to this sauce mixture to balance the taste. This caramel sauce after cooled can be stored in the refrigerator.

How to make the crushed ice

Unlike the complicated part of making caramel sauce, this step is much simpler. Specifically:

Step 1: You need to make a concentrated amount of coffee. It is recommended to use pure coffee to ensure richness in flavor, creating a delicious taste for this drink.

Step 2: Start creating the blended ice by putting the prepared ingredients such as ice cubes, sweetened milk, caramel sauce, and coffee just prepared above into the blender. Let the blender run until the mixture is smooth, then stop. Thus, you have finished processing the Frappuccino.

Perfecting the Frappuccino

Fill a suitable cup with crushed ice until it is almost full. Then, place the fresh cream on the surface of the crushed ice layer. Finally, you will add caramel sauce on top to enhance the flavor and color of the drink.

More specifically, in addition to the above ingredients, depending on personal preferences, you can add a little cocoa or fruit to decorate the drink.

Above are more than 13 most popular ways to make coffee today. If you intend to open a cafe or become a professional barista, try the above methods of making coffee right away. Delicious, attractive and beautifully decorated coffee are the factors that attract customers; contribute to the success of the coffee business.

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