Nespresso Original Line vs Vertuo : Which Is Better?

As if choosing a Nespresso machine wasn’t already tough enough, now they have actually included an entire brand-new line, the VertuoLine. So what’s so unique about these brand-new models and should one discover an area in your house?

This evaluation will dive deep right into the details of Nespresso Vertuo vs Original, so you’ll understand which vessel coffee maker is right for your kitchen.

Nespresso Original vs Vertuo: which one should you acquire?

Pick a Nespresso Original device if …

You’re a committed coffee, cappuccino, or cappuccino enthusiast.

You’ll get a broader option of coffee sheaths to select from, better budget plan choices, and an extra genuine espresso experience. We have actually found some brilliant Nespresso Original makers from around ₤ 80.

Pick a Nespresso Vertuo equipment if …

You’re a fan of longer coffees as well as usually select an Americano or filter coffee.

Costs for the makers begin at around ₤ 80, but you’ll need to spend much more on the coffee, as the capsules are extra costly as well as presently just available through Nespresso itself.

For even more guidance on the different machines as well as costs, see our full Nespresso buying guide.

Nespresso VertuoLine Vs Original

Nespresso Original

Nespresso Original makers typically just make espresso or longer espresso-based beverages. They usually come with a milk frothing alternative, or can be bought as a bundle with the Nespresso Aeroccino milk frother, so you can froth up milk to make cappuccinos, cappuccinos, and also various other milklike coffee-based drinks.

Consume alcohol dimension alternatives normally vary from a ristretto (a short espresso) to a lungo. Initial pills just come in one dimension and also can consequently only go so far before the drink is too watered down to be tasty. To get a much longer coffee (such as a double espresso or Americano) you would certainly need to make use of 2 pills.

Nespresso Original line equipment comes in all forms, colors, and also dimensions, with some super-compact choices for smaller families.


  • Greater range of types of equipment
  • A bigger choice of coffee pills
  • Integrated milk frothing offered
  • More economical


  • Just makes coffee
  • Pump is louder

Nespresso Vertuo

Nespresso first released the new VertuoLine in 2014. They developed it to attract the North American market, where larger coffees are frequently liked over espresso.

VertuoLine’s specialty makes use of special barcoded coffee coverings and a unique removal system to produce five beverage sizes, from a solitary coffee to a 14 oz coffee.


  • Can make larger coffee drinks
  • Quieter operation
  • Barcoded Nespresso coffee capsules make brewing simple
  • Thicker crema


  • A smaller sized choice of types of equipment
  • Pills are pricey

Centrifusion modern technology

Vertuo machines make use of a completely different brewing innovation to Initial line models and most various other coffee machines. The ‘ centrifugation ‘ modern technology spins pills at broadband to develop a thick foamy crema in addition to the coffee While a basic coffee might have a couple of millimeters of gold crema on top, produced by stress, a Vertuo coffee has around a centimeter of thick foam. The centrifugation activity can seem louder than your standard Nespresso machine.

Nespresso claims this implies you can make longer drinks but still have the crema experience, although coffee enthusiasts might not concern it is authentic.

Reverso coffee.

Vertuo coffees are developed to work best with cool milk. Nespresso has even created a new drink, the ‘Reverso’, developed by placing milk in your cup initially and after that enabling the coffee to makeover it, though we found this left us with an instead lukewarm mixture. If you like cozy milk with your espresso, you could carefully warm some in the microwave initially.

Presently, there are three Vertuo makers readily available, varying from around ₤ 99 to approximately ₤ 199. The main distinctions remain inability as well as looks, yet one version has automated opening and closing and a movable water container.

We have actually tested all three types of equipment. Compare the Nespresso Vertuo array to see which one we rated the finest.

Nespresso Original and compatible pills

Nespresso Original capsules come in one dimension, however can make 3 different-sized drinks. Some individuals double up on pills to make a much longer consumption that’s still good as well as strong, although this will certainly cost you twice as much.

Nespresso has various kinds and also intensities of Initial coffee capsules readily available, including single-origin, decaf as well as special-edition variations.

There is a wide range of third-party Nespresso-compatible capsules to pick from.

The capsules are smaller-sized and more quickly kept.

Nespresso brand pills are only offered from the Nespresso internet site or in among Nespresso’s very own shops (called boutiques), whereas you can buy Nespresso-compatible pods in just about every significant grocery store as well as online.

Some Nespresso-compatible shells are much cheaper, and there are also choices which declare to be compostable (rather than the aluminum Nespresso capsules, which you have to return to Nespresso for reusing).

We’ve placed Nespresso Original as well as compatible coffee shells to the examination to discover the best-tasting choices. Discover our leading choices in the best-tasting Nespresso shells.

Nespresso Vertuo capsules: what’s the difference?

The dome-shaped Vertuo capsules are available in 3 sizes, which make 4 beverage sizes:

  • Espresso 40ml, an average coffee dimension
  • Gran lungo 150ml, a long espresso
  • Mug 237ml, regarding a regular cup dimension
  • Alto 414ml, 2 cup’s well worth of black coffee

The much shorter drink sizes – coffee and also gran lungo – are excellent for individuals who choose a more traditional-sized coffee drink. These coverings come in a range of intensities, ranging from moderate to really strong.

If you such as long mugs of black coffee, after that the larger 2 of the capsules – the mug and also alto capsules – yield huge steaming mugs of coffee with lower-intensity roasts.

The Vertuo pills each function a barcode that tells the machine what kind of coffee is inside the pill. The equipment after that takes these details and readjusts the temperature, removal price, and also dimension to increase each coffee’s details flavor.

Nespresso markets a range of intensities sizes and also styles, and also regularly highlights new or limited-edition choices.

There are no compatible options available, so you’re connected right into the Nespresso Vertuo range.

The pills are larger than the original ones, so you’ll need extra storage space.

Get our decision on Vertuo coffee in the Nespresso Vertuo coffee device evaluations.

Choosing the very best Nespresso machine

Whether you pick a Nespresso Original or Vertuo maker, you’ll wish to find a coffee maker that makes an excellent coffee. We have actually checked all the present Nespresso designs and found some dazzling devices that make genuinely superb espresso, and others that fail on flavor, under-extracting your mixture.

Price is no indication of efficiency, either. As the chart listed below shows, we’ve located great as well as average choices at every price.


What Is The Distinction Between Nespresso And Also Keurig?

The distinction between Nespresso and Keurig is that Nespresso devices make coffee, while Keurig coffee machines make drip coffee. Furthermore, Nespresso makes use of recyclable aluminum capsules, whereas Keurig’s plastic K-Cups have an unfavorable environmental influence.

For even more information, we have an entire article contrasting Nespresso and Keurig.

Can I Recycle A Nespresso Pill?

Yes, you can recycle a Nespresso pill. You’ll just need to obtain it from the throw-out bin as well as reinsert it in the mixture head. The second run will provide a weaker mixture, but it’s still tasty and also drinkable.

What Is The Distinction In Between Vertuo And VertuoPlus?

The difference between Vertuo and also VertuoPlus is refined. Surprisingly, it’s the Vertuo that’s a bit bigger, much more powerful, and also a lot more expensive. Yet with comparable designs as well as the exact same centrifugation removal system, they are a lot more alike than they are different.

The Decision

If this Nespresso VertuoLine vs Original showdown has actually taught us anything, it’s that both coffee maker lines master particular aspects. So keeping that in mind, right here are our recommendations.

Buy a Nespresso Original machine if …

You only drink espresso or espresso-based beverages and also do not make coffee. You’ll pay much less for the coffee maker as well as the Nespresso pills, and also you’ll have method a lot more coffee hull choices. You’re also obtaining a much more authentic coffee experience from the pressure-based removal.

Acquire a Nespresso Vertuo device if …

You want the benefit of making coffee as well as coffee from the same maker. With the barcoded capsule brewing system, the VertuoLine makes brewing any type of design and also dimension of drink foolproof. If you like an abundant and thick crema layer on your coffee, you’ll be excited by the centrifugal removal.

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