What is Americano – How To Make Americano Standard

Coffee Americano originated in Italy and was modified by American soldiers to make it easier to drink. Later, this drink was popular all over the world. In the following article, Culturedcoffeeco will tell you what Americano coffee is. The origin of coffee Americano and how to make this coffee.

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What is Americano? Learn about Americano coffee

What is Americano Coffee?

Cafe Americano, also known as Coffee Americano, Café Américano, American Coffee. This is a beverage from coffee and is considered a traditional drink of Americans.

Originally, the most popular type of coffee in the West was originally Espresso – an Italian coffee. Espresso is created by compressing finely ground coffee beans with hot water. Although Espresso is pure coffee, it is sometimes too strong to make drinkers drunk, make them dizzy or lose focus. In addition, espresso has a bitter taste that not everyone can enjoy.

To make it suitable for coffee lovers, during the first and second world wars while stationed in Italy, American soldiers added boiling water to espresso to make coffee easier to drink for everyone.

Cafe Americano

Historical Origins

As a way of marking the origin, this slight variation from Espresso is named Americano. With this approach, coffee becomes an indispensable drink in the army. It is used as a beverage or energy booster after hours of tiring training.

Perhaps even the American soldiers at that time could not have predicted that Coffee Américano would later become one of the most famous coffees in the world.


Typically, an Americano is served when guests order a brew-coffee-sized drink at the espresso bar.

When making Americano, the ingredients used are pure coffee beans. This coffee is ground into a powder to make a cup of espresso. Therefore, to ensure a true cup of Americano coffee, baristas need to mix in the right ratio of 1:1 Espresso to water. Excessive dilution should be avoided as it will lose the flavor of the caffè Americano.

Types of Americano Coffee

Iced Americano is made by combining espresso with cold water instead of hot water.

Lungo is made by extracting espresso for a longer time. However, this also creates a bitter taste.

Coffee Crema is also made by extracting a significantly longer shot of Espresso than a Lungo.

Red Eye brews in a drip instead of hot water and can be called a dark brew.

How to make delicious Americano coffee

Prepare materials

To make a cup of American coffee, you need to prepare the following tools and ingredients:

Espresso machine: An indispensable item because even if you choose good coffee beans and mix them according to the Vietnamese filter coffee style, you cannot make a cup of Americano coffee.

Coffee beans: Robusta or Arabica. These are the two most popular and famous coffee beans in the world to produce strong coffee cups. The difference between these two types of beans is that Robusta is stronger and contains more caffeine. Meanwhile, Arabica has a more delicate taste, more aroma (aroma). You can also mix these two types of coffee in a reasonable ratio to create your own taste.

Purified water: An indispensable part because Americano coffee is actually adding more water.

White sugar: You can choose diet sugar or not because they do not change the taste of coffee.

Coffee cup: It is recommended to choose a cup with a handle (the type of teacup). This type of cup will be easier to hold when you want to drink hot American coffee.

Cafe Americano

Steps to make Americano coffee

Step 1: Grind about 8-10g of coffee beans into a fine powder before putting it into the Espresso machine.

Step 2: Put the coffee powder into the porter filter – this is a part of the coffee press that looks like a cup with a handle but is made of metal.

Step 3: Install the porter filter horizontally with the press and screw it to the right to match the coffee maker.

Step 4: Put the coffee cup under the porter filter and then open the switch on the machine to activate the hot water. At this time, the hot water in the machine will flow down the part of the coffee powder that is being pressed under great pressure to create coffee. When the cup is about ⅔ full, stop, and now you are holding an Espresso cup.

Step 5: Create an Americano from Espresso by adding 30 to 70ml of boiling water to an Espresso glass. Adding boiling water depends on the thickness of the American cup you want.

Variations of Americano Coffee

If you are a fan of American or British movies, you will encounter a lot of coffee drinking scenes, especially in the office. With beverage shops or rest stops, Americano is served in 2 styles: hot Americano and iced Americano.

Meanwhile, in the British style, they will add unsweetened milk and whey. In UK offices, there will be a dedicated kitchen for resting and drinking coffee. There you have a press available to make an American glass. The golden ratio of British Americano coffee is 3 parts coffee, 1 part unsweetened milk, and ½ part whey. With this preparation, your cup of coffee will have a sweet taste and characteristic coffee smell.

The second way to transform American coffee that you may not expect is egg coffee. Just beat the yolk with a little honey to form a second layer on the coffee surface. Then beat the egg whites with sugar to get the 3rd layer. So you have created a delicious mix and match drink between American coffee.

Cafe Americano has so far been sold around the world with an endless love of all ages. Hopefully, with the above article, you have learned more about the historical origin as well as how to make yourself a delicious cup of Americano caffè.

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